David Chung Preaching


Well-versed both in the Eastern and Western cultures, David Chung is an emerging leader in the movement of world missions and evangelism. Since God called David into the ministry of world evangelization at age 14, fulfilling the Great Commission has been David’s single objective in life. As an international evangelist, David often travels to various parts of the world holding evangelistic campaigns and church leadership conferences. David also serves as Professor of Old Testament at Faith Evangelical College & Seminary, Tacoma, Washington.

I prayed to God "God, send me literally to the ends of the Earth to proclaim the good news of Jesus Christ and make disciples to all nations"

Apart from biblical theology classes, David also teaches at Faith Evangelical College & Seminary Strategies for Church Growth, Strategies for Evangelism, and Missional Thought & Theology; for equipping churches to engage the work of evangelism, discipleship and mission is David’s passion. David is married to Susan Kay; and has two lovely daughters, Amy and Grace.