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형제, 자매들께, 이번 주간 세네갈의 수도 다카에서 진행된 American Theological Institute 의 수업 <목회자 리더십 개발 II> 를 오늘 마쳤습니다.  저는 20 명의 학생 목회자들과 함께 꿈같은 한주간을 보내었습니다. 위키백과에 의하면 세네갈 인구의 0.2%가 개신교 […]

Wrapping up the ministry in Abidjan, Cote D’Ivoir

Dear Friends, My leadership development ministry in Ivory Coast last week went really well.  The student-pastors I had the privilege of developing told me that the training I offered opened their eyes to see the […]

May Newsletter: Ministry at ATI-Dakar, Senegal

May 20, 2022 Dear Friends, My Course Pastoral Leadership Development II is over today at American Theological Institute in Dakar, Senegal.  I had an amazing time with these 20 pastors this week in Senegal. According […]

From Dakar, Senegal

Dear Friends, At every step of the way, I felt your prayer on this journey to Dakar, Senegal.  Thank you for praying.  When I arrived at the Delta check-in desk at the Seattle International Airport […]

Urgent Prayer Request

Dear Friends, I have an urgent request for prayer.  On May 1, I was diagnosed with Covid. Subsequently, I isolated myself and took medication for 5 days.  On May 13, after a rapid antigen test, my doctor […]

Spring 2022 Antoinette’s Ethiopia Mission

Thank you all for your prayers and generosity!  I arrived in Ethiopia with my heart full carrying God’ burden, anointed and excited to see how the Lord was going to use for his purpose he […]

Spring 2022 Nepal Follow Up

Dear Friends,                                                                    […]

Spring 2022

Dear Friends,                                                                    […]