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Fall-2, 2017

Fall-2, 2017

Dear Friends,                                                                                      October 6, 2017

DCMi proclaimed the gospel and developed church leaders in Nepal in July and in Ethiopia and Uganda in September.  Each time we see Christians and church leaders of unreached areas commit their lives to evangelism and leadership development, God reconfirms our mission of transforming leaders so that they will transform cities and nations.  Of all the touching stories of this summer, I would love to share this one with you.

One of the attendees of our September Uganda Pastors’ Conference was a pastor named Marcellin Mudacumura from Rwanda.  He testified to the pastors at the conference about how hard it was to pastor a church without knowing the Bible himself.  While he was struggling, he had the opportunity to attend a DCMi pastor’s conference in Rwanda.  He said that God answered his prayer through this conference and he finally began to learn the word of God and basic principles of pastoral leadership.  After DCMi wrapped up its ministry in Rwanda, he began to travel to countryside of Rwanda to teach other pastors the Bible as he learned it through DCMi.

When Marcellin learned that DCMi was coming to the neighboring country of Uganda, he rode buses and motorbikes for 13 hours and then walked an additional 7 hours to come to DCMi’s conference in Lira, Uganda. What is even more amazing is that he had no idea where the conference was being held!  As he traveled, he prayed that God would lead him to the right person who would know the details of the conference.   Marcellin “happened” to stop at the home of a family who knew the conference coordinator.  This family served him dinner and had him spend the night there.  He came to the conference the next day and told the conference attendees that they were going to learn the word of God in a powerful way.  Everybody cheered as he wiped tears from his eyes.

Marcellin embodies what DCMi is all about – transforming leaders who will then invest in transforming their cities and nations.  Our ministry would not be possible without your financial and spiritual support.  I am truly grateful to you for your partnership.  Please pray for my total recovery from C diff, especially as I prepare to travel to Nepal for ministry in November.

I thank God that none of your family members was at the concert site when the shooting rampage took place.  I pray that the Lord will use you guys as effective witnesses of His love in your area where people might come to have serious spiritual questions thereafter.

With Much Gratitude,

David Chung


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