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Smirnoff: society’s Best-Selling Vodka Brand is a classy inclusion to an intimate evening

The Quick Version: from the early days as a vodka distillery in Moscow, the Smirnoff title happens to be just high quality products. The historical vodka brand broadened into North America in 1941 whenever brown spirits had been dominating the business and barely anyone drank vodka. However, the transparency and integrity of Smirnoff vodka shortly acquired more than drinkers everywhere. These days, Smirnoff acts customers in 130+ nations and motivates any person within the appropriate ingesting age to use its easy vodka. Whether you’re hankering after a cosmopolitan or a pre-game sangria, Smirnoff’s containers of vodka provide some energizing tasting flavors to talk about with someone special. Provide with certainty and drink sensibly.


In March 2017, product Chrissy Teigen launched she ended up being starting a fresh relationship — with Smirnoff, a well-known vodka brand name. Don’t get worried, she actually is however devoted to John Legend. She merely decided to make her love for Smirnoff vodka recognized in sassy advertisements and enjoyable projects together with a brandname since genuine as the woman is.

Chrissy’s go-to beverage is actually a Smirnoff #1 and soda, a simple drink to mix right up, but still delicious. But actually low-maintenance ladies desire to spruce it up once in a while. So, Chrissy worked with Smirnoff to curate two specialization cocktails integrating SMIRNOFF number 1. Among which she known as after the woman mommy, Pepper Thai.

Since 1941, Smirnoff has actually offered high quality folks a quality drink. This renowned brand name led a beverage change in america and place vodka regarding map by pairing SMIRNOFF No. 21 Vodka with Jack Morgan’s ginger beer and a spritz of lime. This traditional cocktail, referred to as Moscow Mule, has been tantalizing the flavor buds for years since.

“this easy, yet successful, combination delivered enjoyment and vigor with the vodka market, reinventing cocktail society as we know it now,” stated Johannah Rogers, Senior Brand management at Smirnoff.

Now, Smirnoff goods are sold in significantly more than 130 countries worldwide. Their unique variety of award-winning and time-tested drinks can standalone in a silky chance, pair well with a well liked soda, or jazz up a martini with a triple-distilled splash of vodka. This type of quick products are great for revealing with a romantic date on a romantic evening.

Chrissy Teigen actually the only person exactly who approves of Smirnoff’s vodka — the Huffington Post lately praised SMIRNOFF No. 21 vodka for the smooth and clean finish. Smirnoff outstripped four more costly vodkas in a blind taste test — demonstrating the genuine property value this historical brand. If you’re looking for a drink to serve to the date, you can’t get wrong pouring a glass of Smirnoff vodka.

“Smirnoff will be the world’s top vodka for all,” Johannah stated. “All of our consumer is really anyone who is of legal ingesting age who would like a good, quality vodka at a reasonable cost.”

Nourishing & Versatile: appreciate a Glass of Vodka on a Date

Daters yearn for authenticity and trustworthiness — and therefore do consumers. Smirnoff goes toward great lengths to get a qualified staple for adults looking for ways to relax. The brand’s development continually forces borders and redefines the part of vodka in some people’s physical lives. From ruby-red Grapefruit to Fluffed Marshmallow vodka, Smirnoff’s group believes away from package in terms of flavor.

“our very own clients are in search of natural methods to digest products — from frozen dessert to electricity bars — without sacrificing top quality or flavor,” Johanna revealed, “which is the reason why we chose to introduce the newest addition on brand name collection: SMIRNOFF Sourced.”

SMIRNOFF Sourced is a gluten-free vodka made with 10% genuine juice from focus. The Pineapple, Ruby Red Grapefruit, and Cranberry Apple types truly play a mixed beverage. If you’re searching for a straightforward cocktail to kick-off the night time, only add a splash of soda to the advanced flavored vodkas.

The flexibility of Smirnoff vodka provides couples the chance to check out fun flavor combinations while staying in and drinking cocktails with each other.

Johannah suggested a Smirnoff initial, the Moscow Mule, for any daters wishing to impress a significant some other. This drink brings together SMIRNOFF No. 21, ginger beer, and a new lime slice. This really is an easy task to make, which means that it really is ideal for anyone on a date. Just pour the ingredients into a copper cup, include ice, stir, and savor.

There is this dish and many various other easy and quick drink recipes right here. From backyard events to marriage cocktail hrs, Smirnoff provides a glass or two for virtually any circumstance. Whether you prefer vodka products which happen to be willing to serve or spiked with taste, Smirnoff’s varied shelf of vodkas will tempt you and a night out together on an enchanting night.

Blending Circumstances Up With Three tasteful Date-Night Cocktails

Mixing up an extravagant signature beverage makes a feeling on your visitor and supply a low-key time task for you personally both.

Smirnoff is actually James Bond’s drink of preference when seducing the women and saving the entire world. From the very first Bond flick, “Dr. No” in 1962, towards the more recently circulated “Quantum of Solace,” 007 has-been pouring themselves stylish vodka-infused martinis (shaken, not stirred) for a long time.

Best beverage is very important on a first go out or an unique wedding. Its a conversation starter. It really is a tasty inclusion to any food. Also it can end up being a significant start. Mixing up drinks in the home is actually less expensive and more romantic than fun to a bar, so we strongly recommend it on a romantic date night.

Require some motivation? The subsequent three signature cocktails can whet urge for food to get your own day’s attention.

1. Pepper Thai

Named after Chrissy Teigen’s mummy, the Pepper Thai is an attractive and energizing tasting beverage created using really love. “My personal mom is largely among the happiest folks on this subject planet,” Chrissy said in a cocktail information for Delish. “She deserves a signature cocktail.”

Some tips about what you will have to result in the cocktail:

To prepare this beverage, very first might result in the strawberry pepper syrup by mixing 12 berries with one cup of glucose, six ounces of water, and another tsp surface black colored pepper. Next, in a mixing cup, combine basil foliage along with your spicy strawberry mixture. Include orange juice and SMIRNOFF No. 21. Fill the cup with ice and move it up until it’s great and cold. Strain over new ice cubes into a Collins cup. And, eventually, very top with club soft drink.

Should you feel like getting truly extravagant and amazing, you’ll be able to garnish it with a piece of strawberry and a Thai basil sprig. Voilà!

2. Only Right

As title indicates, the Perfect drink really hits the spot. Nice, tangy, with a cozy finish, this beverage will certainly impress your day with unique tastes. Here is what you’ll need:

The planning is pretty straightforward. You add all the preceding ingredients in a blending cup or tin, complete some ice, and move intensely. Subsequently afin de from forte beverage over ice, add a couple of new pear cuts if you are feeling additional extravagant, and say cheers!

3. SMIRNOFF No. 21 & Soda

Looking for one thing slightly easier? Something will not maybe you’ve roaming the grocery store for unknown materials? Decide to try SMIRNOFF No. 21 and soda.

All you need is one component world-class Smirnoff vodka and two areas of your favorite soft drink. And ice. Bam. Over. It’s easy to keep these components easily accessible which means you’re prepared if there is an impromptu day at home. You’ll be able to invite your big date in, whip up several beverages, and enjoy straightforward and romantic night collectively.

Celebrating appreciation: An innovative new container Honors LGBTQ Pride Month

As a brand, Smirnoff signifies inclusivity and greets assortment. The mother or father company, Diageo, was named among “finest Places to your workplace for LGBT Equality” from the Human liberties Campaign (HRC) and has scored an amazing 100% from the business Equality Index nine many years running.

In June 2017, Smirnoff launched a unique limited-edition package to commemorate diversity, addition, and love throughout of its lots of forms. The SMIRNOFF No. 21 “Love Wins” container honors LGBTQ Pride Month with 21 various rainbow-colored containers featuring the images of a real LGBTQ pair.

“Between these images therefore the differing rainbow appearance, no two containers tend to be the same,” Johannah told us.

To demonstrate service for the LGBTQ society, Smirnoff provides pledged to add at least $260,000 for the Human liberties venture. For every single limited-edition SMIRNOFF No. 21 “Love Wins” container sold, the company will give another $1 to support social equality around the world.

“Smirnoff could the vodka for all,” mentioned Johannah. With integrity and credibility, Smirnoff with pride stands beside buyers of most backgrounds, philosophy, and orientations.

Cheers! Smirnoff Infuses the Evening with taste & Romance

Next time you’re intending a night out together, grab a container of Smirnoff to relish together. This traditional vodka brand name guarantees unmatched quality in every single glass. You’ll be able to explore a number of fruit, zesty, and sweet flavor combos with Smirnoff on your own shelf. It really is a powerful way to mix situations abreast of a romantic date and provide that a person unique reasons to linger by your side.

In the end, Smirnoff is about bringing people together. Throughout the years, the famous vodka brand has obtained over some enthusiasts, including Chrissy Teigen, and broadened by appealing to people with diverse preferences. These drinks tend to be for all. Whether you’re looking for a romantic substitute for a bar or a specialty cocktail for a marriage, Smirnoff vodka can liven up any special occasion by combining in a number of laughter, conversation, and great might.

“we realize that individuals will always be wanting something totally new, cool, and exciting,” Johannah told you, “therefore we seek to constantly deliver distinctive and revolutionary products and providing our tried and true SMIRNOFF No. 21 vodka that everyone really likes.”


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