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Kathmandu Gospel Festival

After two earthquakes in Nepal in 2015, the Lord called David to that country. At the invitation of Nepalese church leaders, we started our work there with a pastors’ conference. Our initial commitment to the church leaders of Nepal was to help develop Nepalese church leadership through three pastors’ conferences each year for three years, and then to hold a citywide gospel festival in Kathmandu in December of 2018. In the summer of 2017, however, the Nepalese government passed a law that would ban evangelism as of August 16, 2018. So the church leaders of Nepal abruptly changed the festival date from December to April.

Spiritual warfare surrounding the Kathmandu Gospel Festival was intense! Team members experienced physical, emotional, and financial issues before, during, and after the event. Our Nepalese coordinators received threatening phone calls from Hindu extremists, but nothing diminished our passion for preaching the gospel in Nepal.

The Children and Youth Festival on March 31 brought thousands of young people to the festival grounds. The United Easter Service on April 1 was spectacular with thousands of Christians coming from all over the Kathmandu Valley to worship our risen Lord together. The resurrection of Christ is a constant reminder to these suffering Christians that, in God’s time, they will have total freedom to worship and serve God without intrusion.

A huge crowd worshipped the Lord together at our two-day Kathmandu Gospel Festival. The former Prime Minister of Nepal received thunderous applause when he declared in his congratulatory remarks that Nepal should not be a nation for Hindus only, but it should be a nation for all people of all religions. When I appealed to the crowd at the end of my message to give their lives to Christ, the number of people responding overwhelmed the counselors. Our counselors collected about 300 decision cards. The responses were from people with either no Christian background or church members who had never accepted Christ. Nepalese churches are working hard now to link these people to local churches that can train them as disciples.

Various Nepalese church leaders have expressed their gratitude. Of all these, I would like to share this with you: “Dr. Chung, thank you for uniting our churches through this event. For this alone, you and your team have already written a new chapter in our church history.” This event will be marked as the last public proclamation of the gospel in the history of modern Nepal until their laws change.

Location Kathmandu, Nepal
Date April 2018