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Dr. Antoinette Williams

Antoinette Williams was born to a praying mother and grew up seeking the heart of the Lord on behalf of people through prayer.  She did not hesitate to dedicate her life to the ministry of spiritual harvest when God called her. Ordained as an Evangelist, Antoinette graduated from Faith Evangelical Seminary with a Master of Theological Studies with Emphasis in Apologetics, Master of Divinity, and Doctoral of Ministry in Strategic Leadership degrees.  Antoinette’s doctoral dissertation, “Evangelistic Prayer” was translated into Amharic and has been published in Ethiopia where evangelists and church leaders use its model to multiply prayer teams for spiritual harvest.  Antoinette has served with DCMI for over 10 years as an Evangelist, Prayer Ministry Coordinator, and Teacher-Friend to several countries in Africa and South East Asia. In addition, she holds a Master’s degree in Health Administration and works as Family Medicine Residency Manager at a local native American health clinic.  Antoinette has been married to Michael for 25 years, is mother to Isaiah and Nana to Silas.